Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop Review

Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop Review – Intro ➨ :

Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop ReviewEveryone is sure to be familiar with Nerf and most of all with Nerf basketball. Hasbro has now taken this game to a whole new interactive level with the introduction of Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop. This new Cyberhoop takes the everyday game of basketball to a whole new level. Allowing the user to become a star NBA player right in their own homes.

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Who Would Buy This:

The great thing about this Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop is that it can really appeal to people of all ages.

Although mainly aimed at teenage boys, Nerf basketball has been seen in homes, schools and offices across the country.

So although it may be bought for a teenage son, it’s likely that the whole family will end up playing.

Things We Like About Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop

Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop ReviewWhat makes this game unique is its ability to allow the player to play with other players no matter where they are. The Cyberhoop keeps score by having a lever in the middle of the hoop that registers the ball going past.

When you shoot a basket it shouts encouragement at you and cheers you on with catchy phrases just like a real announcer. The hoop can ‘contact’ the iPad or iPhone by playing sounds that while inaudible to humans the device the app is playing on can pick up. This actually saves power when compared to regular ways of pairing devices with methods such as Bluetooth and WiFi. Players can use their profiles to keep track of challenges, to make movie-like video reels with them as the star and also to track high scores between them and their friends.

Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop – Features

By simply buying the hoop and downloading the iOS app, players are set to play. The app records the shots made and will produce highlight reels and slow motion videos. These videos and other pictures will build up the players profile and will also become part of the background on the app looking almost like ESPN.

There are several different game modes:

  • Quick Play, where the player has to score as many baskets as possible.
  • Dunk Contest, this records the player dunking the ball and allows their friends to score them.
  • Head To Head, this allows two different hoops to connect at the same time so players can compete.
  • Online, where players can challenge their Facebook friends.
  • Rapid Fire, this is similar to the quick play mode but the player competes against a component.

It can even be played in a stand alone mode which uses just the Cyberhoop alone without the need for the iOS device and app.

In this mode players can just shoot hoops and the hoop will call out encouragement when they shoot a basket.

Things We Did Not Like About Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop

There are a few downsides to the Cyberhoop, the biggest at the moment being that the game can be rather loud and as yet there is no mute button. This may change however when the final product is released.

Also because the hoop connects to the iPad and others devices via sound this means the player has to keep the hoop close to the device. It could also potentially confuse background noises with the inaudible sound the hoop makes.

One final thing is that the Cyberhoop registers a basket when the ball hits the lever inside the hoop. This means that while playing against online friends people have the ability to cheat without the game stopping them.


At the time of writing, as Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop has yet to be released it’s not known at this time whether it will come with a guarantee or not.
Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop Review

Is Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop Worth The Money?

At time of writing, it is retailing quite cheaply for the hoop with the app being free. With all its different game modes and the ability to play against online friends it has the potential of being hours of fun. So it’s definitely worth the money.

Where To Buy Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop?

The Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop should be available in all big toy stores such as Walmart and Toys R Us as well as online retailers like Amazon and eBay, starting August 2013. With the app being available to download at the same time from their iOS device.

More Customer Reviews For Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop

Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop ReviewAs Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop has yet to be released there are few reviews about it. Some people have been lucky enough to be able to try an early version of the game and have been impressed. Although it’s aimed at teenage boys there are in fact more comments from adults who want this more than any other age group. With one person saying that it would be “the perfect gift for the man-child in your life”. With its modern twist on a classic game and its social sharing features the younger and older generations are sure to enjoy it.

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