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Pony Royale PrincessWelcome to Pony Royale Princess, where Princess Ponies live in Royal Fashion! These beautiful and elegant collectible ponies each have a birthstone blaze with realistic and glamorous aesthetics. Thus there are altogether 12 Pony Royale Princesses relating to respective birth month where you can choose accordingly to your own birth month if you wish (e.g. Pony Royale Princess Sunburst Pony, Lily Pony, Sky Pony, Diamond Pony, Rosie Pony, Brooke Pony, Lavender Pony, Harmony Pony, Dewdrop Pony, Misty Pony, Sienna Pony, Starfire Pony). Each 6.5 inch pony has an articulated head and can stand on its own. Change-It-Up Hair! and Mix-It-Up Fashions! provide endless varied customization to make each pony as unique as their owner!

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Who Would Buy This:

For ages 3 and up. There’s a decent range of Pony Royale Princess products available from Amazon, so be sure to check them out before buying the right one for you – or, if you feel like pampering your kids, go ahead and buy them all and put a huge smile on your child’s face!

Pony Royale Princess ReviewThe Pony Royale Princess collection is obviously perfect for girls as a gift, and the manufacturer suggests that the Pony Royale Princess toys aren’t given to girls younger than 3 years old.

Things we like about Pony Royale Princess:

Knowledge is king and therefore this section has been put together to help you decide whether to buy any of the Pony Royale Princess toys or not. Keep reading to see some more features about the Pony Royale Princess range and why they’re such a cool gift for a young girl.

Pony Royale Princess Is All About Fashion Play

Pony Royale Princess ReviewWhat better way to mix a girl’s favorite group of hobbies: hair play, fashion, grooming and nurturing, all in to one toy and that toy is the Pony Royale Princess range. The Pony Royale Princess toys have an easy to use fashion system that prove to keep your daughter engrossed for hours on end of seemingly endless creative fun play time. The full range of Pony Royale Princess will allow to swap over their manes, fashion pieces and tails across them all providing an excellent range of diversity.

The natural play style with the Pony Royale Princess toys is for a girl to act out her princess play time, just like she’s a princess grooming her pony in her castle’s grounds, allowing them to develop their own fantasy story. It’s been rumoured that the full set will allow for a combination of up to 38 million different possibilities – somehow I doubt boredom will ever be a factor with Pony Royale Princess.

Things we did not like about Pony Royale Princess

There’s nothing complicated with Pony Royale Princess, meaning that chances are there aren’t any negatives to pick up on and quite honestly I couldn’t think of anything to mention that is worthwhile you worrying about.


Amazon offer a 30 day money back guarantee and are currently providing excellent shipping options.

Is the Pony Royale Princess range Worth The Money?

The Pony Royale Princess range is very well priced for the quality and fun factor it will provide making the Pony Royale Princess toys an extremely good bargain!

Where Can I Buy the Pony Royale Princess Products?

Amazon as well as eBay feature the full range and have various shipping options with hard to beat prices, so why go anywhere else?

Pony Royale Princess ReviewMore Customer Reviews from owners of Pony Royale Princess

We found a customer who bought these ponies and was glad that they are not only well made but they are also really pretty and unique. She found that it is easy to slide the mane on and off to change hair styles. She had bought 2 and her child wanted more. Another customer said it is fun cause her daughter can create different looks for these horses. Rosie Pony is her daughter’s favorite.

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