R2D2 Inflatable Robot Review

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R2D2 Inflatable Robot ReviewThis R2D2 Inflatable Robot is unveiled at London Toy Fair 2012 and it is touted to be one of the Best Selling Toy for this coming Christmas. It is a Radio-Controlled Inflatable Star Wars R2-D2 and stands at 25.5″ which is Jumbo-Sized for Fun and Interactive Play.

How Much:

Be sure to check out the exact price for the R2D2 Inflatable Robot since their prices will come out later and we hope there is a big sale when it is released. I am sure die-hard Star Wars Fan would love to have this R2D2 Inflatable Robot That Can Even Be Remote Controlled!

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The R2D2 Inflatable Robot is a great gift idea for any kid, especially if they are a Star Wars fan or more specifically a fan of the Very Cute and Likeable R2D2.

Things we like about R2D2 Inflatable Robot:

R2D2 Inflatable Robot Review

I’ve done all the research for you, meaning you can just sit back, relax and take in my independent R2D2 Inflatable Robot Review…

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So I was lucky enough to demo the R2D2 Inflatable Robot at a local Toy Fair and I did feel bad for making all the other eager fans to wait a bit too long while I played with the R2D2 Inflatable Robot. I had heard that a R2D2 Inflatable Robot was going to feature over the weekend but what I didn’t know was that it was remote controlled. Obviously when I found this out I just had to give it a go – luckily I got there early enough to beat the hordes of eager fans wanting try.

The controls were very easy to operate, having simple sticks for your thumbs – the turning circle of the R2D2 Inflatable Robot was very tight and I found the speed to be not too fast but not too slow – just perfect really. Whilst I was spinning the R2D2 Inflatable Robot around, I managed to take in the detail of the construction which I have to say was very good. The way R2D2 turned and changed speeds was very lifelike of the model in the film, with the decal adding to the realism of the R2D2 Inflatable Robot.

I was very impressed overall and am eager to get my hands on the R2D2 Inflatable Robot again very soon.

Things we did not like about R2D2 Inflatable Robot

I always like to include any negative aspects of any toy before recommend it to anyone, so check out anything I mention below first before hitting that buy button.

Slightly Noisy

I didn’t get to experience the inflation of the R2D2 Inflatable Robot, so it’s hard to comment on that. I did however hear someone say, who had been stood there for a good hour, that the noise of the working parts of the R2D2 Inflatable Robot was driving them mad. I can kind of understand this if you’re a spectator but quite honestly when you’re playing with the R2D2 Inflatable Robot you hardly notice the noise at all – I would tend to disagree with this person though since the sheer fun factor greatly outweighs any sound.


Amazon offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Is The R2D2 Inflatable Robot Worth The Money?

I only recommend products that I would buy or have bought myself, and the R2D2 Inflatable Robot definitely gets my seal of approval.

Where Can I Buy R2D2 Inflatable Robot?

R2D2 Inflatable Robot ReviewYou can purchase the R2D2 Inflatable Robot from the trusted online retailer like Amazon or eBay.

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