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Hasbro Furby Review

Hasbro Furby Review (Furby 2012) – Intro ➨ :

Hasbro Furby PurpleGet ready for the new release of Hasbro Furby 2012 in middle of September 2012 cause they are back and ready to take the world by storm. Feed It, Speak to It, Tickle It, Play Music for It and Shake, Tilt or Turn your Furby Upside Down. But be forewarned as to how you treat your Furby, it will shape its personality. Are you ready to handle a Furby? Who will your Furby become? It all depends on how you play with your Furby. When you first meet your Furby, it will speak mostly Furbish. But the more you play with Furby, the more English your Furby will speak. It is sensitive to your Touch, your Music, and even to other Furbys (each sold separately). But remember: your Furby has a Mind of its Own. You can also download a Free App to help you translate Furbish, as well as virtually feed your Furby and other interactive features. App is optional and works with iPad, iPod touch and iPhone with iOS 4.2 or later.

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