Twister Rave Skip It Game Review

Twister Rave Skip It Game Review – Intro ➨ :

Twister Rave Skip It Game ReviewWhen the original Twister game was released to the public in the mid-1960s, it captured people’s imagination and attention like few games had before. It was the first to be released that used actual people as the game pieces, and it has remained one of the most popular games since. The Twister Rave series is nothing like the original game; however it does retain one similarity. Like the original, individual’s bodies are the primary game piece. Members of the series include several varieties of the Twister Rave Rings, the Hoopz Game, the Stickz Game, and the familiar Twister Rave Skip-It Game.

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Who Would Buy This:

The Twister Rave series is rated for all kids from ages 8 and up.

Aside from that, energetic kids looking for an outlet and excuse to run and jump will love the series!

Things We Like About Twister Rave Skip It Game

Twister Rave Skip It Game ReviewIn an age where so many toys are uninvolved, sedentary experiences, it is refreshing to see some that still require vigorous movement and coordination. The Rave series provides a fun source of exercise and helps kids work on and improve their hand-eye coordination, endurance, and balance.

Twister Rave Skip It Game – Features

The most recognizable member of the Twister Rave series is the Twister Rave Skip-It Game. Adults will remember it as the toy that children placed around their ankles and then skipped over in a sort of single-player jump rope.

The concept of the modern version is the same with added lights that display different colors depending upon how long the player can keep spinning.

The Rave Rings have a variety of different games that involve snapping, clapping, and grabbing, and the Hoopz Game includes two hoops that drape over the player’s arm to be spun. The Stickz Game looks like a pair of nun chucks and can be spun and twirled around in various games. All members of the Rave series light up depending upon the length and success of various tricks performed.

Things We Did Not Like About Twister Rave Skip It Game

There isn’t much to dislike about the Twister Rave series. The only potential issue may be with the Hoopz.

Since they are not attached to arms while being spun, without proper care they may fly off and damage surrounding items.


All Twister Rave products carry comprehensive warranties that protect against defects in workmanship.

Is Twister Rave Skip It Game Worth The Money?

Kids can jump, clap, and spin their way into a fun and exciting time. The small price tag for that is well worth it!

Where To Buy Twister Rave Skip It Game?

Twister Rave Skip It Game ReviewAll major department stores and toy retailers carry the entire Twister Rave line. The series can also be purchased from Hasbro’s main website. This toy will also be available at toy stores and online retailers such as Amazon.

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The Twister Rave Games have been one of the most popular games for both kids and adults for over 40 years, and players have fallen in love with the newest additions to the series!

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