XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets Review

XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets Review – Intro ➨ :

XiaXia Pets Hermit CrabXiaXia (pronounced as Sha Sha) loves to hang out in their own Special Confetti Cottage, an adorable home for XiaXia, the Confetti Cottage even doubles as a Carrying Case, so kids can bring their XiaXia with them anywhere they go! Leading a Wholesome Blissful Life of Love, Laughters, And Friendship where the Carnival never stops, XiaXia needs one more thing to be complete. A Friendship that is true with XiaXia and Your Kids! All XiaXia Hermit Crabs, Playsets, and Accessories can be purchased separately.

How Much:

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Who Would Buy This:

These incredibly cute toys are an excellent gift for your young children – I would say that they seem to be more aimed at girls than boys, but either way they can have endless fun playing with the XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets.

Things we like about XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets

Xia-Xia Pets Hermit Crab Figure TrinidadYou need to know exactly why the XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets are such a great toy, and so I’ve done all the research you need and include it in my XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets Review. Having all the possible knowledge you need is important and so be sure to keep reading.

XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets – Extremely Cute

I went ahead and ordered my daughter one of the XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets after chatting to a fellow parent who was raving about her little pink XiaXia Hermit Crab. You know what kids are like – once one of their friends has a toy that they like, they simply must have it for themselves. I was more than happy to oblige, especially when I noticed how much fun my daughter’s friend was having and how incredibly cute they looked.

They’re a very simple toy and the onus is on the child to interact and play with the XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets as they so wish – most girls seem to play along in a nautical scenario as opposed to anything else. There’s an added bonus to the XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets, and that is that you can purchase the shells separately to customize the XiaXia Hermit Crab and make them a little bit more unique – plus, I do believe there’s a little surprise in each shell.

Things we did not like about XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets

There isn’t much to dislike about the XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets to be honest and the point I make below is my own view, definitely not my daughter’s

Limited Function

I did find that there seems to be only so much playing you can do with the XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets since there isn’t a massive amount of features on them. Having said this, my daughter seems more than happy with her XiaXia and so I guess I’ve got nothing to complain about!


Be on the lookout for any standard warranties that are available.

Amazon are currently offering free shipping for the XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets!

Are The XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets Worth The Money?

At such a low price, I would have to say that, yes, the XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets are worth their current price tag. I only recommend a product that I have bought or would buy as a gift or for myself.

Where Can I Buy XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets?

You can shop for XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets at Amazon and eBay too.

More Customer Reviews from owners of XiaXia Hermit Crab Pets

XiaXia Pets Hermit Crab Playset Confetti CottageWe found that a lady customer bought this Xia Xia Cottage and two crabs for her granddaughter’s 5th birthday and she absolutely loved them. The product is very durable and her granddaughter has used her imagination and had several hours of fun playing with them. Another customer claimed that the cottage is perfect for her 3 year old and she loves putting her pets in the cottage and carrying them around with her. However it is on the hard side for the little girl to open on her own. Despite that, it is very cute and perfect size for her.

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