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Fijit Friends YippitsYoung boys and girls who loved Fijit Friends will definitely be in love with these innovative nurturing plays of Fijit Friends Yippits. These dynamic dancing pets perform tricks when you play with them so they can nurture, teach tricks and discover the spontaneous play that comes with the fun, unpredictability of Yippits.

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Who Would Buy This:

If your son or daughter hasn’t already been screaming out for a Fijit Friends toy, then you’re very lucky. Within the last couple of years, Fijit Friends have taken the toy market by storm and now it’s time that the Yippits extend this surge by adding to the range. If you want your child to have a toy that they can interact, pet and dance with then the Yippits are perfect.

Things we like about the Yippits:

Fijit Friends Yippits Patter Figure (Pink)

It’s seriously important that you know exactly what the Yippits can do and why they’re such a great toy to own one, so keep reading below to see just this.

Yippits – Are They The Best Interactive Toy?

Currently, right now, the Fijit Friends range can easily be hailed as the best range of interactive toys on the market. The great thing about them is that they make your kids interact with them and teach them values, such as saying “Well Done” or “Thank You”. The Yippits totally add to this since they interact with the other Fijit Friends toys.

Fijit Friends Yippits Plooki Figure (Purple)Available in 4 different colors (Skippa – Light Green, Patter – Pink, Plooki – Purple and Scooch – Blue), the Yippits are all about getting your child to teach them their tricks. They come loaded with 4 individual tricks that react with to a number of hand claps – the cool thing is that when they come straight out of the box, the Yippits don’t know the tricks too well so they don’t necessarily perform the trick first time, each time. This teaches your child to pet the Yippits and guide them to learn properly and rewarding them when they get it right.

If your child already has a Fijit Friends toy, they’ll be delighted to know that they interact with each other – all you need to do is press on the head of one of the Yippits and it will emit a sonic wave that transmits to the main Fijit, who will react and say hi to the Yippit. As the toys interact, grow and learn together, they unlock new features that would not have been possible on their own, meaning your child will simply have to have them all!

Things we did not like about Yippits

It’s important that you’re aware of any negative sides to the Yippits, so when you make that final buy or not buy decision, you have all the relevant information that you need …

Frustrating For Parents

The only aspect that I can see that would affect your buying decision is that the noises and sounds can become somewhat repetitive on the Yippits. This coupled with the fact that the Yippits will leave your child fully engrossed with them, could frustrate a parent when trying to get their child’s attention.


Being such a complex toy, the Yippits are bound to come with a manufacturer’s warranty as standard and Amazon are likely to offer extended warranties of sorts, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for these. Amazon also tend to offer free shipping so be sure to take advantage of this if it’s available.

Fijit Friends Yippits Scooch Figure (Blue)

Are the Yippits Worth The Money?

For the immense level of interaction and decent price tag, I highly recommend the Yippits, yes.

Where Can I Buy the Fijit Friends Yippits?

My advice to you is to purchase the Yippits from Amazon or eBay – they are highly trusted and at great prices.

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