Zhu Zhu Puppies Review

Zhu Zhu Puppies Review – Intro ➨ :

Zhu Zhu Puppies ReviewNow your little ones can enjoy having a pet or even more pets without the mess with these Zhu Zhu Puppies. They are so adorable and there are a variety of fun and loveable puppy characters to collect and care for! There are also a few play set available (e.g. Zhu Zhu Puppies Bark Park).

How Much:

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Who Would Buy This:

The Zhu Zhu Puppies are meant for kids older than 3 years old and are suitable for boys and girls. The interactive Zhu Zhu Puppies are creating a storm worldwide and would make an excellent gift.

Things we like about Zhu Zhu Puppies

Zhu Zhu Puppy Mitzi Mo (Westie)If added in some information below to give you as much knowledge as possible about the Zhu Zhu Puppies before you make that final purchasing decision. It’s important that you carry out your research before purchasing any toy and luckily for you, I’ve done just this for the Zhu Zhu Puppies.

Zhu Zhu Puppies Zhuniverse

No I haven’t made up a word there – Zhuniverse is what kids are calling the world that the Zhu Zhu Puppies live in, making these toys an excellent range if your son or daughter wants to really engage and interact with their toys. Featuring many different personalities, the Zhu Zhu Puppies each have their own sounds and noises to raise a huge smile on your children’s faces.

Zhu Zhu Puppy (Mischief)I gave in to the demands of my son and daughter and got them each a Zhu Zhu Puppy – they couldn’t be happier to be honest. They play with them for at least an hour a day, dressing them up, checking out their unique birthmarks and making up stories as to how they got them, giving them different names each day (poor Zhu Zhu Puppies!) and staring in awe at their bright colours.

They couldn’t be happier with the Zhu Zhu Puppies to be honest and I’m so glad I made such a good decision to buy them.

Things we did not like about Zhu Zhu Puppies

I always try to include any negatives in any toy review I carry out, but quite honestly I really struggled to find anything wrong with the Zhu Zhu Puppies that’s worth an advisory note. I guess they could do more things electronically, maybe more sounds and noises but I’m just being a bit too picky there.


Due to the function of the Zhu Zhu Puppies, there’s bound to be a standard manufacturer’s warranty available.

Also, be sure to check out Amazon’s great range of shipping options.

Are The Zhu Zhu Puppies Worth The Money?

There’s no doubt in my mind that the Zhu Zhu Puppies are worth their price tags – my kids are having endless fun with them and they couldn’t be happier – a great buy!

Where Can I Buy Zhu Zhu Puppies?

You can get Zhu Zhu Puppies from Amazon and also from eBay too.

More Customer Reviews from owners of Zhu Zhu Puppies

Zhu Zhu Puppy (Legend)The Zhu Zhu Puppies Reviews here should give you further insight as to why these toys are such a hit with kids. We found out 1 customer is pleased with her purchase of Westie for her 5 years old and her daughter has a good time with it while another customer loves her cute Mischief and have fun for herself and also everyone.

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