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Senario Little Inu Review – Intro ➨ :

Senario Little InuLittle Inu is an Interactive Pet Baby Dinosaur who wants to play and display his emotions and mood! Interactive touch sensors on his head, nose, mouth, chin, back and body permit him to respond when triggered. Little Inu walks, moves and makes dinosaur sounds, and displays real emotions and moods like happy, sad, frisky or sleepy. Place Little Inu’s coconut near his mouth and he will drink from it! Hold his taro root next to his mouth and he will nibble, then take big bites and make loud munching sounds.

How Much:

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Be sure to head over to Amazon to ensure that you got a great deal as at times they will run deep discounts – the Little Inus are selling like wildfire!

Alternatively, continue reading my Little Inu Review to see exactly why you should be looking to buy this incredible interactive toy.

Who Would Buy This:

The Little Inu is the ultimate in interactive toys, and perfect if your loved one is into dinosaurs. Boasting many interactive features, the Little Inu will keep any child engrossed for hours and the best thing about it is that it’s an educational, interactive toy, not simply a toy that will leave them wasting away hours and not learning or developing skills at the same time.

Senario Little Inu ReviewThings we liked about the Little Inu:

There are many positive features regarding the Little Inu, so I’ve included some of these below to help you make your mind up as to whether to buy the Little Inu or not.

Educationally Interactive

The recommend age range for the Little Inu starts at 8 years old, making it ideal if you want to teach your child some positive values. It doesn’t come loaded with automatic features that randomly occur, but amazingly the Little Inu reacts to the environment around it. He features differing interactive sensors allowing him to become attuned to his environment – he loves a good stroke down his back and will likely wag his tail in admiration. Little Inu sleeps, cries and boasts many other interactive features that make it a toy much to be desired!

More Than Meets The Eye With Little Inu

The creators have cleverly included a couple of extra features to really catch the eye of the consumer. Little Inu comes with his favorite food and drink, a taro root and coconut milk respectively. He’ll tell you if he’s hungry or thirsty and giving him the right food will make him a happy dinosaur!

Things we did not like about Little Inu:Senario Little Inu Review

Quite honestly there isn’t much to dislike – I try to feature any negatives so you can make your own mind up and can be rest assured that my review is independent, but I must admit I really struggled to find anything bad to say about the Little Inu, indicating that it’s an excellent toy!

Slightly Pricey?

I can see that there might be some out that would think the Little Inu price tag is a little on the heavy side, but quite honestly for the quality, entertainment and the high level of interactive activity that Little Inu provides, you shouldn’t really be thinking twice about buying the Little Inu.


There’s a limited 30 day warranty with Amazon, however be sure to see if the manufacturer has a warranty, if this is important to you.

Amazon are currently offering free shipping for Little Inu.

Is Little Inu Worth the Money?

I believe so, yes! The quality, design and features are excellent and a perfect development toy for a child.

Where Can I Buy the Little Inu?

Senario Little Inu ReviewMy research showed that both Amazon and eBay had the best options and price for the Little Inu, so don’t delay in heading over there for yourself.

More Customer Reviews from owners of the Little Inu:

At the time of writing and updating, we found out almost all of the customer reviews of the Little Inu to be excellent with one customer claiming that her granddaughter looked forward to the dinosaur’s arrival with so much joy that she was not disappointed when it arrived and she loved and enjoyed this Little Inu present. The rest of the customers all agreed that the Senario Little Inu is cute and adorable though one of them felt it is rather over-priced.

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  1. I have ordered this for my niece for her birthday. I have wanted a Pleo for several years but they are over $250! If you go to the Pleo website they are $469.99 so if this toy is any close to what Pleo is then the price is CHEAP! I fell in Love with videos of Pleo and I must say I will be playing with this before I give it to my niece 🙂 I can come back and let you know if the quality is as good as I expect it

    1. Hi Rachel

      A warm welcome to this site and I would like to wish your niece a *Very Happy Birthday* :)! It is really nice of you to give your niece a gift for her birthday!

      Yes I did check out the Pleo website and I agreed with you that it is rather expensive at $400+. However Pleo has a little bit more interesting toys as compared to Little Inu.

      Little Inu is retailing at its usual listing price of $140-160 however it offers deep discount occasionally. *Hot Deal Alert* (that is date and time-sensitive) is designed to alert my site visitors should there be any discount they wouldn’t want to miss. I do hope you have a great deal, Rachel :).

      I can understand your joy and I hope you have a great time playing with Little Inu before you give it to your niece ;).


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